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This mosaic depicts the spectacular Orpheus marble mosaic.
* Traditional hand crafted marble mosaic using marble and natural stone
* Size: 1200 mm diameter x 30mm
* Highly polished smooth finish.
Unique marble mosaic for the hall, reception room, music room, restaurant, bar, conservatory, yacht, hotel, garden, patio, swimming pool, etc.
Ideal marble mosaic for interior and exterior design as they are waterproof, fadeproof and weatherproof.
They are suitable for floors, and table tops.
The story of Orpheus is familiar to many.
Said to be one of the Muses, Orpheus was the best musician in Greece.The beautiful Eurydice was out walking in the countryside when she meets an amorous shepherd called Aristaeus .She ran away from him, and in her haste, did not see the poisonous snake lurking in the grass, whose bite killed her. Her husband, Orpheus, was inconsolable when he heard the tragic news. He vowed to use the famous power of his lyre to charm the god of the Underworld, Pluto, into giving her back. Pluto was charmed by Orpheus' sweet music, and agreed to let her go, but only on the condition that he did not look back at Eurydice until they reached home. But as Orpheus had doubts that he has been tricked, he couldn't resist a glance, and lost her for good. 
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